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Chances are you have already heard about the popularity of PayDayMax and the services this guaranteed payday loans lender provides. However, have you ever wondered how this no fax payday loans lender became so successful and respected? There are hundreds of different payday loan lenders available these days, and the competition among them is really fierce. This means that a loan lending company has to provide really outstanding services in order to be different from the rest of payday loan lenders. This loan lender became appreciated because they have done their best to make the process of receiving additional money as painless and easy as possible for people who are experiencing some serious financial troubles.

Who Can Receive a Cash Advance from PayDayMax?
Luckily, getting the necessary money from this lender is incredibly easy. This is one of the direct payday lenders who provide bad credit loans on a regular basis. You will not need to stress out about your credit score when you apply for a payday loan. You will just need to prove that you have a stable job with a sufficient monthly salary that will allow you to repay the borrowed money on time. Remember that with PayDayMax you will not be required to present a proof of biweekly payments. If you are paid once per month, you will still qualify for the loan. This is an important advantage for most modern people. Note that no faxing will be involved in the process of obtaining such bad credit loans. You will not need a reference from your current employer; a regular pay stub will suffice for qualifying for the loan.

How Much Money Can One Get? When Will the Money Be Delivered to My Account?
The importance of these two questions for any borrower can hardly be overestimated, since this is just what bothers all people who are in need of some additional cash. The maximum amount of money that you will be allowed to get will be determined by your monthly salary. You can easily get up to $1,500 with PayDayMax, but the final decision of the lender will be decided on an individual level. You will be required to provide a proof of your ability to return the money on your next payday. The amount of fees that will apply in your case will depend on the state you reside in. Make sure you check all of the loan conditions before actually getting a loan.

PayDayMax has become famous for the quick way in which all loan requests are handled. The process of delivering money is also done very quickly. You can safely expect getting the requested money within only one day, or even quicker. The speed of work makes this lender stand out from the crowd. Plus this company has made their clients their top priority. For instance, there are discounts for new users and referral bonuses if you bring new clients. No matter what happens, you can always count on support from this loan lender.